Apidae Model Sheet

May 30, 2013



I’ve been doing a lot on research and self-educating on the topic of 3D modeling lately. As a practice exercise for character modeling, I decided to create a 3D rendition of my mascot character, “Apidae.”  Per standard procedure, I started with a character model sheet complete with front-facing T-pose and side-view. These are used in the 3D application (Maya in my case) as guides for shape and proportion. The model is well underway and I’m having a ton of fun learning this new art form. For now I just wanted to share step one.


    TMNT Team Colors

    April 8, 2013

    Threaless TMNT DesignThreadless TMNT Entry

    Another Threadless design challenge I could not resist. Score it here! 


      Cherry Bomb Burlesque’s Mardi Gras Poster

      January 23, 2013

      Cherry Bomb Burlesque - Cirque Du TaTa


        Been Practicing Landscapes

        December 3, 2012

        I’ve been watching some instructional videos over on YouTube about digitally painting landscapes (mostly fantasy and SciFi.) Scenery is something I feel like I don’t practice drawing/painting enough. My tendency is to focus on character art and to convince myself that it’s more fun and interesting. It turns out this kind of art is just as fun in all kinds of interesting new ways. Characters need interesting places to inhabit and creating those places can be a blast.

        Ulrica's Castle

        Ulrica’s  Castle.

        Fantasy Landscape
        This is the earlier of the two. It’s a little more cartoony.


          Illusions of Movement Teaser Trailer

          November 9, 2012

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            Threadless & Toy Story

            October 8, 2012

            When I heard Threadless was doing a Toy Story-Themed challenge, I could not pass it up. Toy Story and Pixar in general are absolute favorites of mine. So do me a favor and click the pic above to show me some love!